Status of the VC Industry

June 7, 2017

Justin LaFayette

Justin LaFayette

Georgian Partners

Peter van der Velden

Peter van der Velden

Lumira Capital

Whitney Rockley

Whitney Rockley

McRock Capital

10:45am  -  11:45am
Salon Drummond

Breakout Session 1A

Unfortunately, an “urban legend” is still fully present in the ecosystem: The Canadian VC asset class is a losing money class thus should not be supported.

The objective of this panel will be to demonstrate firsthand, through stats and trends and through panelist experiences, why and how the asset class is now credible and worth investing in, and will particularly focus on the evolution of the “Canadian track record” of venture capital activity.


Justin LaFayette, Managing Partner, Georgian Partners Inc.

Peter van der Velden, Managing General Partner, Lumira Capital

Whitney Rockley, Managing Director, McRock Capital

Adley Bowden, VP of Market Analysis, PitchBook

Neal Hill, Vice President Market Development, BDC Capital