Big Data in Life Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities (EN)

June 8, 2017

Luc Marengere

Dr. Luc Marengere

TVM Capital

Dr. Peter Bauer_

Dr. Peter Bauer


Martin LeBlanc

Martin LeBlanc

Caprion Biosciences Inc.

10:15am  -  11:00am
Salon Drummond (Level 3)

Breakout Session 3A

This panel will explore the multiple facets and applications of big data in life sciences as well as explore whether big data will consistently enable better and more timely medicines.

Martin LeBlanc, President & CEO, Caprion Biosicences Inc.
Rob Silverman, Head of Venture, Roche
Dr. Eiry Wynn Roberts, Vice President, Eli Lilly and Company
Dr. Luc Marengere, Managing Partner, TVM Life Science Venture Capital
Dr. Peter Bauer, Chief Scientific Officer, Centogene