Portag3 Ventures Presents: The Durability Doctrine – Technology, Growth, and Building to the Last in the Post-Finance Age (EN to FR translation will be provided)

June 7, 2017

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Ajay Royan

Mithril Capital

4:00pm  -  4:45pm
Salle de bal (Level 4)

Afternoon Keynote with Ajay Royan, Co-founder and Managing General Partner, Mithril Capital Management

While world economies have economically stagnated since the financial crisis of 2008 and the authorities continue to help stabilize the markets, new technological innovations are radically changing the face of globalization. With the easy but dangerous fuel of financial engineering no longer available, technology is stepping up as a significant source of non-financial “leverage” to scale the next generation of great businesses. But how to avoid fads and mere short-term success? Ajay Royan will leverage his experiences in Silicon Valley and beyond to discuss disruption, durability, and the art of building to last.