Global Industry Outlook – Opening Keynote with Mr. David Rubenstein (EN to FR translation will be provided)

June 7, 2017

David Rubenstein

David M. Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group

8:15am  -  9:30am
Salle de bal (Level 4)

Global Industry Perspective, with David Rubenstein, President and CEO, The Carlyle Group

David Rubenstein is an American financier and philanthropist best known as co-founder and co-chief executive officer of The Carlyle Group, a global private equity investment company based in Washington D.C. He is also currently serving as chairman of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, co-chair of the board of trustees at the Brookings Institution, and chairman of the board of trustees at Duke University, his alma mater.

At Invest Canada 17, Mr. Rubenstein will discuss the private capital industry through a global and geo-political lens. Additionally, Mr. Rubenstein will discuss the latest insights in private equity, with talking points exploring current opportunities as well as regional market trends.