Emerillon Capital & CIC Capital present: Engaging AI: A Discussion With Artificial Intelligence Industry Leaders (EN)

June 7, 2017

Andre Ludovic

Ludovic André

Emerillon Capital/CIC Capital

Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda

ROSS Intelligence

Chris Arsenault_300x300px

Chris Arsenault

iNovia Capital

9:40am  -  10:30am
Salle de bal (Level 4)

Opening Plenary

A lively discussion and debate on the opportunities, challenges, and rewards that bring deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence in what seems to be the fastest growing research area in the world. This panel will outline the role Canadian researchers and entrepreneurs are playing and help identify the trends and massive investment opportunities along the way.

The goal is to help investors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs in the audience understand the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead, and to provide tangible insights around what this all means and how it can be a profitable investment of time, resources, and capital.

Jean-Francois Gagné, CEO, Element.ai
Sam Pasupalak, Co-founder and CEO, Maluuba
Andrew Arruda, CEO and Co-founder Ross Intelligence
Ludovic André, Managing Director, Emerillon Capital
Chris Arsenault, Managing Partner, iNovia Capital