A mix of keynotes, panels, and presentations on topics such as investment strategy, regional and sector specialization, fund performance and the changing environment and needs of investors.

Day 1May 30th, 2023

Registration Hours & Concierge Services: 1:30PM-7PM

All times in Pacific
  • GENERAL PARTNERS ONLY Session 1: Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics for PE and VC Investors: Opportunities, Risks and Implementation Strategies, Presented by SAP Software Solutions

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon D

    As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, the private capital industry has discovered the tremendous potential of using data (both micro and mass) and advanced analytics to drive investment decisions and maximize returns. Our panel of experts have multiple years of experience in the development and use of both proprietary and off-the-shelf data sets and analytics tools and have been busy digesting the latest innovations in this area, especially the advent of generative AI. At Invest Canada '23, our panel will explore the various ways in which internally-generated and externally-sourced data sets can be leveraged by investors to identify investment opportunities, assess diligence, execute portfolio strategies, and optimize the exit.

    The discussion will address some of the key questions around data processing in private investing, explore the potential pitfalls of implementation and execution and explore the implications of the rapid advancement of AI and ML on the future of data use by professional investors.

    Join us at IC23 to learn how to harness the power of data analytics to drive successful private investments.

    Please note only general partners will be permitted entry. Pre-registration is not necessary but your registration type will be checked at the door, and we regret that non-GPs will not be able to attend.

    Jason Brenier Head of Product & Innovation, Georgian
    David Severe Director, Value Creation and Analytics, PwC Canada
    Yair Riemer Head of Investor Relations, Upfront Ventures
    Cheryl Tilly VP, Client Digital Transformation, ILLUMITI
  • LIMITED PARTNERS ONLY Session 1: Roundtable Discussions: Navigating the Evolving Private Capital Landscape

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon ABC

    Invest Canada '23’s limited partner-only session will feature roundtable discussions with some of the industry's leading LPs. Join us to engage in candid and insightful discussions on a range of topics, from portfolio construction and asset allocation to the evolving liquidity model of private capital investments.

    Moderated by: Jennifer Choi, CEO, ILPA

    Please note only limited partners will be permitted entry.
    Pre-registration is not necessary but your registration type will be checked at the door, and we regret that non-LPs will not be able to attend.

    Jennifer Choi Chief Executive Officer, Institutional Limited Partner Association (ILPA)
  • GENERAL PARTNERS ONLY Session 2: Navigating Evolving Market Dynamics: Perspectives from BDC’s Strategy Team and Prominent Canadian LPs

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon D

    Join your colleagues at Invest Canada '23 for an exclusive GP-only session featuring the Strategy team at BDC and a panel of prominent Canadian LPs.

    During the first part of this session, Sumita Banerjee, Director of Strategy at BDC Capital, will share market insights and discuss the impact of BDC's recent strategic initiatives. She will also provide valuable insights into the current state of investment during these rapidly changing times.

    In the second part of the session, moderated by Jennifer Choi, CEO of ILPA, a panel of stellar LPs including Win Bear (Kensington), Sophia Maizel (HarbourVest Partners Canada), Jill Earthy (InBC), and Ian Carew (Northleaf) will provide GPs with insights on allocation decisions and fund construction. The panel will also delve into best practices for firm-building and evolving market dynamics, giving attendees valuable information to enhance their investment strategies.

    Please note only general partners will be permitted entry. Pre-registration is not necessary but your registration type will be checked at the door, and we regret that non-GPs will not be able to attend.

    Jennifer Choi Chief Executive Officer, Institutional Limited Partner Association (ILPA)
    Sumita Banerjee Director, Insights & Strategic Initiatives, BDC Capital
    Sophia Maizel Vice President, HarbourVest Partners (Canada) Ltd.
    Ian Carew Managing Director & Venture Partner, Northleaf Capital Partners
    Win Bear Managing Director, Venture Capital, Kensington Capital Partners Limited
    Jill Earthy Chief Executive Officer, InBC
  • LIMITED PARTNERS ONLY Session 2: The Pension Plan Playbook: Strategies for Success, Presented by PwC Canada

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon ABC

    Join your LP colleagues for an exclusive LP-only fireside chat with Dave Hong, Senior Managing Director in Private Equity at British Columbia Investment Management (BCI), one of Canada's largest pension plans, moderated by Senia Rapisarda, Managing Director at HarbourVest Partners Canada. In this session, Dave Hong will share his vision and strategy for BCI's private equity portfolio construction, discussing current areas of interest and concern for BCI.

    Dave has helped BCI increase their private equity assets from $8 billion to $27 billion over the past 7 years, while also increasing the amount they invest directly in companies from around 20% to around 40%. BCI's private equity team has 42 investment professionals who specialize in six different industry sectors. Additionally, the discussion will touch upon venture capital and growth equity, particularly in a time of turbulence, and explore Mr. Hong's views on how large institutional investors can stay the course.

    Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the industry's most respected investors and network with other LPs.

    Please note only limited partners will be permitted entry.
    Pre-registration is not necessary but your registration type will be checked at the door, and we regret that non-LPs will not be able to attend.

    Dave Hong Senior Managing Director, Private Equity, British Columbia Investment Management (BCI)
    Senia Rapisarda Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners (Canada) Ltd.
    PwC Canada
  • Invest Canada '23 Opening Reception, sponsored by DealCloud

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

    Get ready to kick off Invest Canada '23 in style at the official opening reception, sponsored by DealCloud! This is where the fun begins - it's the perfect chance to catch up with old friends, make new connections, and mingle with your colleagues in the Canadian private capital industry.

    The opening reception is the ultimate opportunity to mix and mingle with like-minded professionals and industry leaders in a relaxed atmosphere.

    See you there!

  • Attendee Free Time

    Now's your time to explore Vancouver and enjoy some great local eats off-site!
    *Please note that this is an unorganized time period. Attendees can use this time as they please.

  • IC23 After Hours Mixer, Sponsored by HarbourVest Partners (Canada)

    Location - Fairview Ballroom

    Cornhole, Jenga, and Ladder Toss! Get ready for an epic night of backyard games that will transport you to a world of carefree fun and friendly competition.

    Join us for the official after-hours event exclusively for delegates of Invest Canada! The IC23 After Hours Mixer, sponsored by HarbourVest Partners, offers a chance to unwind and connect with other attendees in a fun and casual setting. Get ready to mingle, sip on delicious drinks and play some backyard games!

    The event will feature different areas for socializing, networking, and gaming. You can expect to find a variety of classic lawn games for you to enjoy with your new connections.

    This is the perfect opportunity to unwind and let loose to wrap up the first day of the conference. Don't miss this memorable night of good times, great drinks, and fantastic company! We can't wait to see you there.

    Please note that while we have listed some classic backyard games as examples, the exact types of games that will be available at the event are TBD. We appreciate your understanding as we work to finalize the game selection.

    HarbourVest Partners (Canada)
  • End of Day 1 at Invest Canada '23

All times in Pacific

Day 2May 31st, 2023

Registration Hours & Concierge Services: 7:00AM-5:00PM

All times in Pacific
  • Networking Breakfast, Sponsored by Amazon Web Services

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons A,B,C

  • Land Acknowledgement & IC23 Welcome Remarks, Presented by Fort McKay Landing LP

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Join us for the official kick-off of Invest Canada '23!

    Maria Pacella Managing Partner, Pender Ventures, & Co-Chair, Invest Canada '23
    Lauren Robinson Co-Founder & General Partner, Highline Beta & Co-Chair, Invest Canada '23
    Dino Deluca Chief Operating Officer, TriWest Capital Partners & Co-Chair, Invest Canada '23
    Kim Furlong Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
    Monika Wilson Vice President, Investments, Fort McKay Landing LP
    Fort Mackay Landing LP
  • Opening Keynote: Stephen Poloz, Presented by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Stephen Poloz, Special Advisor, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, will provide the opening keynote at Invest Canada '23. With his extensive experience in the financial industry, Mr. Poloz will provide unique insights and perspectives on the current economic climate and its impact on investments.

    While investors long for a return to normal, there are other tectonic forces acting on the global economy that will disrupt the economy in the near future. Drawing from his new book, “The Next Age of Uncertainty”, Stephen Poloz will discuss how these dynamic forces will factor into the post-pandemic outlook, and offer insights into how individuals, investors, and companies can adapt to a riskier future.

    As one of the most respected leaders in the financial world, Mr. Poloz brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. During his tenure as Governor of the Bank of Canada, he played a key role in shaping Canada's monetary policy and strengthening our financial system.

    Poloz is a strong advocate for economic growth and innovation, making him an excellent resource for attendees at the conference to gain valuable insights into the current economic situation and its impact on investments. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most prominent figures in the financial world.

    Stephen Poloz Special Advisor, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt and former Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Thriving in a Competitive Landscape: Navigating 20+ Years of Private Equity Growth, Presented by Davies

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Join us at IC23 for an insightful discussion with three seasoned leaders in the private equity industry. With over 20 years of experience, these leaders have steered their firms through the evolution of the Canadian private equity industry from the late 90s to today.

    In this engaging session, they will share their expertise on changes to the competitive landscape, private markets deal flow, transaction execution, and the impact of a growing and robust VC market. They will also discuss how they have managed the growth of their organization and its culture over the past two decades, and share valuable lessons learned.

    Brooke Jamison Partner, Davies
    Jacques Foisy President & Managing Director, Novacap
    Tracey McVicar Partner, CAI Capital Partners
    Brent Belzberg Founder & Senior Managing Partner, TorQuest
  • Networking Break, Sponsored by SATOV

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

    Satov Consultants
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Balancing Bootstrapping and External Investment for Sustainable Growth, Presented by FASKEN

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon D

    Join your colleagues at Invest Canada '23 for a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring successful entrepreneurs who have taken a unique approach to growing their businesses. This panel will feature CEOs who have bootstrapped their companies and focused on organic growth, allowing them to choose when and how to take on external investment.

    During the session, panelists will share their experiences and insights on growing their companies. They will discuss how they identified viable business opportunities, managed resources effectively, and built a resilient and sustainable business model. Additionally, they will delve into the challenges they faced, including competing with well-funded rivals, and share how they overcame them.

    Jon Conlin Partner, FASKEN
    Gautam Lohia Founder & CEO, Apply Digital
    Anna Sainsbury Co-Founder and CEO, GeoComply,
    Alison Taylor Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jane Software Inc.
  • Navigating the Secondary Market to Enhance and Manage your Portfolio, Presented by Mintz

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salons A,B,C

    The secondary market continues to evolve, playing an increasingly important role in the private equity landscape, with annual secondary transaction volume expected to rise to more than ~$130 million in 2023. Secondary buyers are responding to strong and growing demand from both GPs and LPs for creative liquidity solutions.

    Join us at IC23 for an exciting discussion on navigating the secondary market with three senior investment professionals with deep secondary expertise. The panel will explore how LPs can use the secondary market to optimize their strategic and portfolio management objectives, including managing overallocation and liquidity and how GPs can use the secondary market across a number of different transaction types, including continuation vehicles, tender offers, stapled transactions, and preferred equity solutions.

    Kari Harris Chair, Investment Funds Practice, Mintz
    Kristin Shearer Director, Northleaf Capital Partners
    Thomas Choi Managing Director, AltEx Capital
    Brock Schultze Principal, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI)
  • Networking Lunch

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons A,B,C

  • Unleashing the Power Law: Lessons from the Greatest Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and Beyond, Presented by Morgan Stanley at Work

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Attend Invest Canada ’23 and enjoy a captivating keynote session with Sebastian Mallaby, the acclaimed author of “The Power Law,” as he takes delegates on a journey through the fascinating history of tech incubation and VC in Silicon Valley and beyond.

    In this session, Mallaby will share unprecedented insights and stories from some of the most celebrated VCs of all time, including the key figures at Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Accel, Benchmark, and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as Chinese partnerships such as Qiming and Capital Today. He will explore the power law that drives the venture capital business and the wider tech sector, and uncover the candid truth about some of the most iconic triumphs and infamous disasters in Silicon Valley history, from the birth of Apple to the rise and fall of WeWork and Uber. He will also examine VC’s relentless search for grand slams, which can sometimes lead to an obsession with intoxicating amounts of power and sometimes disastrous results.

    Mallaby also explores the social justice implications of venture capital, revealing how the need to make outsized bets on unproven talent reinforces bias and perpetuates a lack of diversity and representation in the industry.

    Don't miss this opportunity to gain new perspectives and insights into VC and the world-changing innovations that it helps to create.

    Sebastian Mallaby Journalist, and Author
    Kevin Swan Managing Director & Head of Private Market Ecosystem, Morgan Stanley
    Morgan Stanley at Work
  • Networking Break, Sponsored by Roynat Capital | Scotiabank

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

  • Strategies for an Enduring Pipeline of Opportunity

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salons A,B,C

    This engaging discussion will provide IC23 delegates the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

    Top fund managers will share their strategies for sourcing the best deals in the market and provide insights on how they execute their origination strategies to ensure a consistent pipeline of opportunity and growth.

    Panelists will also delve into the importance of building a strong network and maintaining relationships to gain access to exclusive deals, and how they leverage technology to streamline their deal-sourcing processes.

    Darryl Sam Principal, Investments and Origination, Fengate Private Equity
    Sean McKinnon Head of Business Development, Novacap
    Del Soltani Director, Investment Sourcing, DW Healthcare Partners
    Darin Brock Partner, Torquest
  • Beyond Borders: LPs' Views on the Global Life Sciences Landscape, Presented by Mintz

    Location - Kitsilano Ballroom - Salon D

    Join your colleagues at IC23 for a captivating discussion with some of the most seasoned investors in the life sciences industry. These US-based LPs have stayed the course in this ever-changing asset class and are ready to share their insights and perspectives on why they continue to invest in life sciences.

    Gain valuable knowledge on what it takes to stay ahead of the curve, even while some have left the space. Discover their views on the current state of the industry and learn how they have successfully navigated the ups and downs of the life sciences landscape.

    Attendees will also gain insights into panelists' views on Canadian companies, including reasons for their investment decisions or potential interest in doing so. Don't miss this opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of long-term investing in life sciences.

    Cheryl Reicin International Chair of Life Sciences, Mintz
    Kristina Kitko Associate Director of Venture Science, Eli Lilly and Company
    John Merrill Managing Director, GroveStreet
    Jacques Bernier Managing Partner, Teralys Capital
  • Premium Networking Break Sponsored by Losange Finance

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

    Losange Finance
  • Legacy Building: Strategies for Long-Term Success from GPs Who Have Done It Right, Presented by AVAC Group

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    As Canada's investors embark on their journey toward maturity, it's imperative to focus on succession planning and continuity in funds. Panel discussions will explore the critical factors in building a GP organization that can stand the test of time. The accomplished panel of GPs will share their insights which have been used to drive growth for decades, meet LP expectations, and go beyond the next fundraise. This session will equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish the appropriate processes, incentives, and people for sustained success.

    Alf Sailer Board Chair & Interim President, AVAC Group
    Jeff Belford Senior Managing Director, TriWest Capital Partners
    Bruce Croxon Co-Founder, Round13
    Sophie Forest Partner, Brightspark Ventures
    AVAC Group
  • Networking Break, Sponsored by New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

  • Beyond the Bottom Line: Insights from Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen, Presented by Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC)

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Invest Canada '23 is proud to announce that Frances Haugen, renowned advocate for accountability and transparency in social media, will be one of our keynote speakers. As a data scientist and algorithmic product specialist, Frances has worked on ranking algorithms at Google, Pinterest, Yelp, and Facebook, where she was the lead Product Manager on the Civic Misinformation team.

    Frances' tenure at Facebook, now Meta, opened her eyes to the company's disregard for public safety in favour of financial gains, jeopardizing countless lives. In response, she bravely blew the whistle on Facebook's unethical practices. Since then, she has testified before multiple international governments about the potential negative consequences of social media, including risks to human life, and has called for greater accountability and transparency in the industry.

    Invest Canada attendees will have the opportunity to learn from Frances' unique insights into the inner workings of social media giants. Her keynote will provide invaluable perspectives on risk management and ethical investing, challenging delegates to consider the long-term impact of their investments and the potential risks of making short sighted decisions.

    We hope that Frances' keynote at Invest Canada '23, based on her extensive experiences, will provide attendees with a lens through which to leverage when managing their portfolio companies. Frances believes that the problems associated with social media can be solved and is committed to bringing people around the world together to bring about change. Don't miss her inspiring keynote.

    Frances Haugen Data Scientist, & Algorithmic Product Specialist
    Kristina Williams Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC)
    Alberta Enterprise Corporation
  • IC23 Sky Lounge, Sponsored by Fonds de solidarité FTQ

    Location - The Park Terrace - 6th Floor (Weather Permitting)

    Come join us for a night of relaxation and connection at the IC23 Sky Lounge, located at the Park, sponsored by Fonds de solidarité FTQ! Take the elevators to the 6th floor to experience the stunning views of Vancouver from the rooftop terrace.

    After a busy day of networking and learning at the conference, the IC23 Sky Lounge will provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with other delegates in a more relaxed environment.

    In addition to the breathtaking views, enjoy a variety of craft cocktails, sponsored by Amazon Web Services, and light bites as you take in the atmosphere and connect.

    Please note, in the event of inclement weather, we will move the IC23 Sky Lounge indoors to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. We will notify all attendees of any changes to the event location through the conference's official communication channels. We look forward to seeing you at the IC23 Sky Lounge!

    Fonds de solidarité FTQ
  • End of Day 2 at Invest Canada '23

All times in Pacific

Day 3June 1st, 2023

Registration hours & Concierge Services: 7:00AM-12:00PM

All times in Pacific
  • Networking Breakfast, Sponsored by Novata

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons A,B,C

  • Building a More Sustainable and Inclusive Future: Insights from David Suzuki and Rick Hansen, Presented by TELUS Ventures

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Don't miss this engaging and thought-provoking session with David Suzuki, Rick Hansen, and John Ruffolo as they tackle the critical ESG issues of our time. Ruffolo will sit down with two Canadian icons to discuss how to overcome challenges to achieve success. The panel will delve into the impacts of climate change on our environment, discussing where we are in the cycle, and the latest developments in mitigation technology and public policy, as well as the personal journeys that have led to the notable living legacies of the impressive panelists.

    As GPs think about impact when making investment decisions, Hansen and Suzuki have had an incredible impact on raising consciousness and moving the needle for change. This session promises to be inspiring and insightful, and a must-attend for those interested in innovative ideas and strategies for creating meaningful impact.

    David Suzuki Enviromental Activist, David Suzuki Foundation
    Rick Hansen Founder, Rick Hansen Foundation
    John Ruffolo Founder & Managing Partner, Maverix Private Equity
    TELUS Ventures
  • Enhancing Valuations through Sustainable Investing Strategies, Presented by BDC Capital

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Investors, both in private equity and venture capital, are increasingly recognizing the benefits of incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions. This also holds true for corporations from an operational and marketing perspective. It is no longer a separate, targeted initiative, but rather an integral part of a holistic strategy. The question now is, how can this approach leverage sustainability to enhance valuations across different sectors?

    Join us at IC23 as panelists share their experiences and insights on how they have leveraged sustainable strategies to enhance market valuations.

    Lindsay Patrick Head of Strategic Initiatives and ESG, RBC Capital Markets
    Andrée-Lise Méthot Founder and Managing Partner, Cycle Capital
    Jeff More President & Chief Executive Officer, MineSense Technologies
    Anamika Mukherjee Partner, Sustainability Venture Fund, BDC Capital
    BDC Capital
  • Networking Break

    Location - Conference Level Foyer

  • Regeneration Rising: Exploring the Transformative Power of Generative AI, Presented by Norton Rose Fulbright

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

    Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword for years, but the recent AI boom has underscored the need for investors and companies to brace themselves for the impact of this transformative technology. As artificial intelligence begins to transform industries and economies, investors need to stay ahead of the curve to identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

    In this panel, CEOs and investors will discuss the potential of AI on value creation, exploring both its innovative and traditional applications. The panel will examine the evolution and commercialization of generative AI, the emergence of public platforms like ChatGPT, and the regulatory risks that come with AI investments.

    Maya Medeiros Partner, Patent Agent, Norton Rose Fulbright
    Aaron Brindle Partner, Public Affairs, Radical Ventures
    Handol Kim Co-Founder and CEO, Variational AI
    Kevin Collins Founder and CEO, Charli AI
    Norton Rose Fulbright
  • IC23 Closing Remarks

    Location - Parq Grand Ballroom - Salons D, E, F

All times in Pacific

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