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May 23 – May 29, 2023

Invest Canada ’23 Networking Week

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of Invest Canada delegates occupy senior ranking positions in the private capital industry

Who is attending Invest Canada '23?

  • 42%Managing Partner, General Partner or Partner
  • 37%Executive Director, Managing Director, or Director
  • 12%Senior Vice President, Vice President, or Principal
  • 09%CEO, President or Founder

Previous Attendees

Balanced and Productive

Attending Invest Canada ‘23 presents a valuable opportunity to not only enhance your network but also indulge in some much-needed fun.

#IC23 social activities have become infamous for being a hub of vibrant energy, good vibes and making lasting memories. Your expanding network could give you the competitive edge you need by opening doors to the most promising deals, connecting you with top talent, and delivering insightful advice.

Don’t miss out on this dual opportunity.

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“I generally don’t attend large conferences anymore as it is so challenging to establish a connection with enough people to justify going. Having never attended an “Invest” conference before, I rolled the dice and decided to check it out. It was the single most fun and productive event I attended in 2022, and I am already looking forward to Invest 2023.”

“Invest Canada is the single most important networking opportunity in which our firm has participated. The ability to meet with so many potential investors, partners, and peers in such a short period is invaluably powerful. We came away from Invest Canada feeling very confident about our ability to continue to grow in the Canadian market, and the reception of Canadian LPs to our investment thesis. Thank you CVCA!"

“One of the best networking opportunities in this space for investors, founders and service providers alike. Well worth your time and money.”